Premium Funding

Pay by the Month Insurance Premiums

Premium Funding allows you to pay your insurance premium ‘by the month’ via direct debits from your nominated bank account.

How does it work?

Instead of you paying your yearly insurance premium in one payment, your premium is paid to the insurance company for you. You then repay in monthly instalments over a chosen monthly period.

What are the Benefits?

  • Greater financial flexibility
  • Cash flow benefits
  • Frees up working capital
  • Retain funds in your business to use elsewhere
  • Tax deductible interest charges
  • Tailored funding solutions
  • Simple 1 page application and acceptance
  • No deposit or security required
  • Available for all business insurances
  • Cancellable, if need be
  • Lowest interest charge available
  • No ongoing fees applicable

How do I obtain a quote or apply?

Contact Us and we will supply you with the best market quotation, and have your insurance premium approved as soon as you desire.